Tiger worms

Tiger Worms

Tiger worms are good composters and easy to care for. They thrive in a wide range of temperatures.

African nightcrawlers

African Nightcrawlers

Big worms should be grown in large containers.

Blue worms

Blue worms

Blue worms are very small but effective at composting. They multiply very quickly and thrive in warm temperatures.

About us

Hello! I’m Tony, an enthusiastic part-time worm farmer with more than ten years of experience. It all began when I attended a short course on worm composting farming at a university in Bangkok.

Inspired by what I learned, I received my first batch of worms from my tutor and haven’t looked back since. These amazing creatures thrive in Thailand’s climate, and I’ve dedicated myself to nurturing and expanding their population ever since.

I am a part-time worm grower supplying worms within Thailand, ensuring safe transportation.

Join me on this eco-friendly journey as we explore the wonders of worm farming together!

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